Are You a Netflix Cheater?


You and your significant other are huge fans of a TV show. One night, your SO goes out with friends and it’s just you, the dog, and a half-eaten pizza. What now? Come on, you know you want to do it...Netflix adultery. You watch a bunch of episodes by yourself and then have to face the music. Do you admit to watching? Do you pretend you didn’t watch and watch the episodes again? What’s your Netflix cheating MO?


Netflix surveyed over 2,000 users and a mere 12% admitted to cheating. Only 12%? We don’t buy it. 10% of Netflix users said they were cheated on…also a suspiciously low number. 51% of people said that they would watch by themselves even after promising to watch a show together. Now that’s more like it.


What about spoilers? You know who just died on Game of Thrones. Do you tell? 41% of cheaters say they would not spoil a surprise if their SO hasn’t watched the show yet. 14% of Netflix cheaters report feeling guilty enough to fess up to cheating. 12% say they would “fake it” and re-watch a show.


How exactly do Netflix adulterers do their cheating? 30% of survey respondents say they cheat when either they or their partner is away traveling. 12% cheat at work. 5% went so low as to even cheat in the bathroom. Not surprisingly, 80% of these potty cheaters were men.


What’s the benefit of cheating? Not much, unless you like feeling guilty. If you get cheated on, at least you get a chance to feel like the superior human being for a while…until you take your well-deserved revenge and do some Netflix cheating of your own.